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Overcoming Dopamine Addiction w/ Rania

Sunday, 18th April 2021

  • 30 British pounds

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Camera on/ Mic off Are you addicted to checking social media, instant messages, and likes? Are you addicted to sugars or an unhealthy diet? Do you use shopping as therapy? This could be the effect of a Dopamine Addiction. Dopamine is believed to be involved in motivation and addiction due to the feelings of reward and pleasure associated with its release. Rania will host a session on dealing with your 'Dopamine Addiction'. She will help you to understand why people search for pleasure. Did you ever consider that pleasure is not a need, it is a desire? Rania will educate you on the symptoms of too much or too little Dopamine and help you develop a better understanding of how it affects your emotions. She will take you on a short journey of self-discovery and get you to understand why you resort to doing things that may be harmful to your state of mind.

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