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Be More Self-Aware: Workshop w/Nadia


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Have you ever wondered what is ‘Self’? How to get the most of what we want, out of ourselves? Why is it so relevant? In this session, Nadia will use various techniques to explore, experience, and expand your ‘Self’. She will introduce the idea of ‘self-parenting’ as a method of self-care. Nadia will workshop using theatre exercises and questions structured around the ‘self’ in context of the individual’s life, perspective, and subjective experiences. This immersive 1hr masterclass will give you an introduction to a side of you, you may have been reluctant to explore. This is the first step in a series of workshops where she will guide you to first recognize your ‘Self’, and then use it, develop it and protect it with the help of your mind, body, emotions, voice, and expression. Nadia is a professional actor with international exposure, who has been performing on stage, screen and radio since 1985. She learnt the benefits of Dramatherapy as a survivor of child abuse and used her training to pioneer support for children who have experienced trauma. She takes a lead role in many children’s charities, literary festivals, educational facilities and theatrical institutions. Today she is a happy survivor, living with her son and dog in Cambridge UK.

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