Every Saturday evening at 17:00 BST, let your imagination run wild with Nadia Jamil in a unique storytime Imaginarium. 


The session will revolve around an interactive story told by Nadia. The story will be one consisting of a strong message. She will build upon stories by involving the imaginations of little minds. This exercise will enhance and stretch children's imaginations, improve memory, concentration, and conversational skills, all the time increasing energy and happiness in everyone involved. 


For Children between 6-11 yrs

Camera on; Mic on; Comfortable setting; Parental Supervision

Happiness Imaginarium for Kids with Nadia Jamil

  • Nadia is a globally renowned professional actor, storyteller, dramatist, who has been performing on stage and screen since 1985. She learnt the benefits of Dramatherapy as an actor and a survivor of CSA and used her training to pioneer support for children who have experienced trauma. She takes a lead role in many children’s charities, literary festivals, educational facilities, and theatrical institutions.  

    Today she is a happy breast cancer survivor, living with her son and dog in Cambridge UK. 

  • Normally £5.00 for non-members.

    Azora memebrs will be able to access as part of their subscription.