Our Practitioners
You are not alone, we are on this journey together

Our practitioners are carefully selected for their expertise and alignment with our values around wellbeing. Rest assured that you’re in good hands - our practitioners share our passion for your success. 


Have an idea? Starting a business? Or do you already have one? Whatever stage you’re at, our seasoned experts can help you save time, mitigate risks and identify opportunities. You can attend their interactive sessions and webinars and get in touch with them for one-to-one coaching and advice. 

Wellbeing Practitioners
Emma Tytherliegh

Circuits Trainer

Oli Green

Personal Trainer

Elinor Brown &
Dr Shani Langdon

Mindfulness Practitioners

Uzair Khan

Yoga Practitioner


Yoga Practitioner

Masterclass Experts
Damian Mears

Workplace visionary 

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Angele Cristina

Camera Confidence Coach

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If wellbeing is your passion, get in touch
and become part of our 'wellness movement'

AZORA is a monthly online membership with access to weekly live yoga and exercise classes, mindfulness practices, and masterclasses with world-class instructors from all over the world.

In our new world connecting with others is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve created an online space where we come together for live classes, give each other real support and encouragement.


Bridging the gap between wellbeing and productivity


At Azora, we believe that by focusing on your wellbeing, you can increase your productivity and happiness in all areas of your life. Whether you work from home or are in a fast-paced office environment, by learning to slow down and look after yourself, you can become more productive and ultimately happier at work.

When it comes to finding your tribe, a connection is key. That’s why we bring together like-minded people in similar situations. We’re not just a community, but a wellness-at-work movement.


  • Attend live yoga, meditation, and other wellbeing sessions 

  • Participate in social events

  • Host sessions about you, your idea, or your service to build awareness or get feedback from others

  • Enjoy a master class from our experienced speakers on various topics

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Community at our core

Accountability and bringing together like-minded individuals is at the heart of what we do. Our community supports each other through mySircles App, where you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  Becoming a member gives you access to our community where you can connect, communicate, and maybe even collaborate!