Frequently asked questions


How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time, simply send an email to​.

Why am I being asked to pay and enter my payment card details when first 30 days are free?

Don’t worry we won’t take any money from you until the end of the 30 days. We will also email you a reminder before we take any payment.


What if some of the class types and / or the class timings don’t work for me?

At the end of your first 2 weeks you still find the timings unsuitable then we will review this, along with other requests, to see if there’s a change we can make. We do have to make these timings work for a minimum amount of members before we change anything or add new classes. Email to give us feedback anytime.

I’m injured or ill, can I postpone my membership if I’m unable to attend classes?

Firstly, get well soon! Secondly, please ensure you reference your Class Readiness Form to ensure you’re well enough to attend classes. Finally, although you will also miss great expert talks if you postpone your membership, you’re free to take a break anytime. Please email with the subject line ‘Postpone Membership’.